Seven-Year Stitch

Part of me wanted to stay in my robe all day, looking out at the snowy white through my kitchen window. But I’d made plans to meet my knitting group at SoBro Café, and I didn’t want to bail. So I found myself boots on, bundled up, and out into the cold.

Two recent knitting projects.

We gather on Sundays in the afternoon, a perfect way to unwind and slow down the inevitable end of the weekend. SoBro has become this warm and cozy place for us. They always ask what we’re making and don’t seem to mind if we linger a little with our knitting.

From earlier today: Cindy and SoBro’s awesome pannekoeken.
From summer 2015: I was going to snap a photo of my progress on a project, but Whitney jumped in with a sweet photobomb.

We’ve had people come and go, but a few of us have stuck with one another. Our lives have changed and grown. There have been new jobs, home purchases and repairs, weddings, separations, loss and heartache, hangovers and shenanigans. Through it all, there’s the comfort and grounding of a new project, and good friends who can save me from any slipped stitch or knitting error I can commit.

We’ve been meeting since 2009 – this year will make seven years of co-crafting. To think of all of the things we’ve made, the stories we’ve shared, and the cups of coffee we’ve downed.

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Prompt: “Homies. Friends are our chosen family. They have the wonderful capacity to make us laugh till we cry, to hold us up in dark hours and to keep our secrets under lock and key. Tell a friendship story.”

  • MaryLou Robinson

    Love groups that span years. My college girls and I have been meeting once a quarter since 1990 and my Spades group meets at least weekly since the mid 90s I think. My Bunco group is newer–probably the same as your knitting group, and meets monthly–this week in fact. :~) It’s fun to look back at the changes and challenges. Enjoyed the post.