For Wheel

A few years ago when Indy Film Fest started the Roving Cinema program, we really had no idea what a huge hit it would be, and what crazy corners of the city it would take us. The idea was simple: let’s show movies where the should be. And so we screened Big Lebowski in a bowling alley, Strange Brew at Sun King, Fight Club in the City Catacombs. Some of these screenings have sold out months in advance, sending a loud and clear message – people love these events.

As an all-volunteer organization, we didn’t necessarily think about the long-term needs of a program like this. Thanks to the 5×5 grant win from the Central Indiana Community Foundation, Christel DeHaan Family Foundation and the Efroymson Family Fund we were able to purchase a screen and sound equipment, allowing us to screen films anywhere. The city is our theater. Getting there is another matter…

We’ve had to depend on volunteers with big vehicles to transport the screen and sound system to all of our events. It’s a lot to ask. We’ve decided it’s high time to purchase some wheels to help the cinema rove.

If you can chip in, give here.

Then next time you come to one of the fest events across the city, you can revel in the fact that you helped make it happen!

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