Comfort and Joy

This year I am particularly struck by how comforted I am by the sameness of holiday traditions. Being one wired for innovation and continual improvement, I’m normally energized by change. But after a year of lots of full-speed-ahead change, the rituals of the season are a welcome rest.

I love that when we go to Louie’s mom’s house, we will be greeted by bungee Jesus. We just know he will be there, all aglow in the front yard. At my mom’s, there will be bubble bread. We will watch the same movies, rehearse lines we’ve said a million times before. I can listen to Jingle Bell Rock and O Holy Night thousands more times and not tire of it.


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Prompt: “A Dash Of Thanks. What are you thankful for? Maybe it’s from this year – or maybe it’s something in your past that resonated with you recently. And – we hold people, places, and things in equal regard: a sense of gratefulness can take many forms.”