Automagic Meeting Manager

Dear inventor-types of the internet,

I have a very special, super important request. You know that whole thing where you ask people how they’re doing and they say Busy!? Well, I’m here to say that it’s true.

A lot of people are really, really busy. Occasionally, some of those busy people need to meet in places to talk about things, and scheduling it can be an absolute nightmare. Am I right?! It’s really the only part of my job that I don’t like, and the one thing I often say is the hardest thing I do.

All I really need is for some magical, all-knowing being to detect the first sign of a meeting suggestion, and immediately swoop into action synching and cross-referencing calendars. Once a time and place is found, this being (a purpose fairy? Siri?) can book the time and place, notifying all participants via their preferred calendaring systems. Automagic meeting manager to the rescue!

While we’re at it, I have a few feature requests. It would not be bad if the automagic scheduling fairy made sure everyone had clarity on the purpose of the meeting. Another cool feature (maybe after the beta version?) would be a BS meeting detector that beeps and flashes and warns you that you might be scheduling an unnecessary meeting. It could even give helpful hints like, Try a quick standing check-in, or This seems like a time for an old-fashioned email thread!

No big deal. Just a simple platform. You guys are already coding this up, right?

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  • robbyslaughter

    I’ve been dying for this software forever, because people just don’t get back to you! Here’s one exchange I know really well (imagine this as emails)

    You: Hey, we should meet! When is good for you?
    Them: How on Tuesday the 21st at 3PM?
    You: Oh no, I’m out of town that day! What about the following week?
    Them: Okay! Tuesday the 28th at 10AM
    You: Perfect. How about Roast-a-Riffic Coffee on Main street?
    Them: Yes! But could we make it 10:30AM? I will be coming from across town.
    You: That’s fine. Okay, Tuesday the 28th at 10:30AM at Roast-a-Riffic. Please confirm.
    Them: …
    You: Hello? Are we on for tomorrow?

    Them: ….
    You: I guess we missed this date.