Singular Days

I am grateful for this day, a singular day that can never be exactly repeated. I am grateful for this bright blue sky, and a brisk walk along the Ohio River. A chance meeting with an old neighbor. A deep nap. For chopping cauliflower to roast with capers and sage. For dancing and singing while cooking with my mom in her kitchen.

I started an inventory of gratefulness, thinking about the sum of this past year. As I compiled a mental list, I realized, with a full heart, that this is a list which I cannot finish. The scope of another year on this earth is simply too overwhelming to quantify neatly.

I am grateful for another full year of days, that just like this one, is full of moments and thoughts particular to a time and place. I am grateful for reflecting on this year – the good, the bad and the in-between. For soaking it all in and realizing, again, as deeply as ever, to not take one day for granted.


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Today’s prompt: “What are you grateful for this year?”