In a great show of personal restraint, I was able to keep from embarrassing myself at Day of Innovation – but just barely.

This was supposed to be a business conference, but something about that morning felt otherworldly. The green lighting might have had something to do with that. Or maybe it was the music, that it was too early in the morning to be blowing my mind the way Time for Three did.

They refer to themselves as the world’s first classically-trained garage band, an apt description, I think. The trio had been nominated for an award at the conference, and were slated to perform off and on throughout the day. Everything they played was lovely, but one piece especially floored me.


When I’m particularly pensive and in a certain mood, Leonard Cohen on vinyl is simply the only thing that will do. To say I have a soft spot for him might be a bit of an understatement. So, when Time for Three launched into a stunning version of Hallelujah, I was just in awe. It really did take every bit of restraint I had to not sing at the top of my lungs.

Not the version I saw, but lovely all the same:

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  • Sacha

    I love Time for Three! The Kid and I volunteered at the ISO specifically to get to see one of their Pops performances. It was spectacular.